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Windsor District
January 2024 Update

In the winter months, most of our pollinator garden at The Windsor Planter is nestling into dormancy; however, there’s still plenty of activity.
The clumps of small blue flowers are Raydon’s Favorite aromatic asters (Sympodium oblongifolium ‘Raydon’s Favorite’). Unlike New England asters frequently seen in garden centers, native aromatic asters are very reliable in Oklahoma gardens. Just 2-3’ tall and wide, they are easy to grow in full to part sun with well-drained soil. They require very little water and are covered in lavender-blue, daisy-like flowers for 2+ months from October through December. The aromatic foliage releases a sweet scent when brushed against.

More than just a looker, aromatic asters are a vital nectar source for pollinators late in the season, so you’ll find them buzzing with insects even in early winter. An added bonus, smooth asters also serve as a host plant for parasitoid wasps, tiny wasps that are natural predators of garden pests like bagworms.

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